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About Sanders Engineering

Sanders Engineering was founded in July 1978 in answer to a need for quality engineering firms to conduct the activities necessary for the gaining of permits and emissions testing required by the Clean Air Act and the then-proposed regulations for Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD). Since that time Sanders Engineering has permitted and performed emissions testing at hundreds of facilities, including power plants, cement plants, oil refineries, offshore exploration, and insulation plants under the PSD requirements. The permitting requirements of Title V of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 had caused many industries to examine sources of emissions which had heretofore not been permitted nor quantified. Sanders Engineering has completed Title V applications and emissions testing for many of its clients and has aided other industries and consultants in determination of the emissions from their previously unpermitted sources at their facilities. Sanders Engineering has permitted numerous smaller sources in various states meeting New Source Review requirements. These sources include asphalt concrete plants, roofing plants, and numerous other facilities with insignificant impacts on air quality.

When making the critical decisions which will impact your operating costs for years to come, there is no substitute for the best combination of experience and expertise. Our personnel have years of experience on both the governmental and industrial level. We have the insight to guide your company toward the most cost effective, efficient means of compliance consistent with the environmental regulations. In one such case using our knowledge to interpret the applicable regulations we were able to save a large industrial facility a substantial amount of capital outlay, combined with equally substantial savings in yearly operating costs.