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Welcome to Sanders Engineering

Experience and Expertise

SEAS has the capability to perform all of your source testing requirements. Since its inception in 1978, SEAS has conducted thousands of emissions tests. We have extensive training and experience in ASTM, EPA, NCASI, NIOSH, and SW-846 test methods. Whether your requirements are for basic EPA compliance testing or for complex on site gas chromatography or FTIR, SEAS has multiple test teams and mobile laboratories equipped to meet your needs. In addition to performing state and federal compliance tests, SEAS has the capability of designing individualized test programs to accommodate the specific needs of your engineering staff.

We have the insight to guide your company toward the most cost effective and efficient means of compliance consistent with your specific environmental regulations. 

Every situation is uniquely different and presents a complex array of both problems and opportunities. We welcome any inquiry or questions which you may have regarding your particular needs. 

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